What Makes Us Different

We provide the most cutting edge Neurology, Immunology, and Endocrinology evaluation and treatment plans in the Santa Clara County. Our broad spectrum of exams and treatment is one of the key differences that makes us different from others.

We specialize in integrating Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine...

We take the foundational principles of physical Functional treatment and couple it with the most cutting-edge knowledge in Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine.  The integration of these three disciplines is the KEY to why we get results.  In fact, looking at these areas of health during patient care is something very few clinics around the world do.

Instead of focusing on treating the symptoms, we are committed to finding and treating the cause.  We spend valuable one on one time with patients in order to get a thorough diagnosis, which leads to the most effective customized plan.

If you’re looking for a quick fix or superficial diagnosis, we are not the right people to go to.  Patients come to us if they want the most complete and thorough workup they can get in order to fix the conditions they’ve been suffering from.

We provide evidenced based results that patients can measure.  We are one of the very rare places that actually looks at all aspects of health.

3 Main reasons why Norcal Brain Center is different:

  1. We have a unique, scientific way of looking at the connection from the brain to the body.  Understanding how your brain controls your body is how we are able to diagnose and work with a comprehensive list of conditions and develop the most effective customized plan for you.Through science, we know the brain controls the entire body.  It does this by sending signals from the brain, down the spine and through the nerves, to every single organ, tissue, and cell in the body.  It tells the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, along with millions of other things.

    If the brain isn’t working properly, the areas of the brain associated with the deficit will be dysfunctional, and can lead with problems with digestion, breathing, metabolism, and countless other conditions.

    When you have a health condition, we can locate the issue in the body and see how it’s connected to the brain and therefore are able to fix it.

  2. We integrate physical Chiropractic treatments, along with Functional Medicine, Immunology and Endocrinology.  We are able to offer our patients vast, cutting-edge knowledge and treatment that covers many different aspects of their conditions.  It allows us to diagnose and treat conditions that other practitioners may miss.Traditional medical neurologists are exceptionally trained doctors that focus on finding gross problems such as brain damage or strokes.  As Functional Neurologists, we have a functional approach that allows us to look beyond external symptoms in order to find core issues within the nervous system.
  3. Our comprehensive physical, orthopedic, and neurological exam is given to every patient that walks into our door.  Our comprehensive Neurological and Physical exam allows us to figure out exactly where in the body the problem is and includes:

    •   Primitive Reflex Assessment
    •   Blind Spot Testing
    •   Coordination Assessment
    •   Cognitive Evaluation
    •   Sensory/Motor Testing
    •   Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
    •   Optokinetic Analysis
    •   Balance/Vestibular Testing
    •   Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis
    •   Additional testing if necessary (MRI, CT, NCV/EMG, etc)

In addition, we utilize blood analysis and immune panels to check how the inner workings of your body are functioning and we make sure to support those systems.  In turn, those systems support you and your daily lifestyle.

Our thorough functional diagnostic testing allows us to help many conditions and symptoms… from health crises that take up a huge part of your life to everyday problems like dizziness, headaches, migraines, dry eyes, or balance issues.  Once we’ve identified what is causing these issues, we can get to work and fix them (without life long medications or expensive surgeries) which will allow your body to begin healing.

We offer services that most others do not offer patients or simply cannot do…

We have a functional blood chemistry analysis that is different from traditional medicine.  Most doctors look at the laboratory ranges and prescribe off of those ranges.  Since different labs have different ranges, the results vary greatly.  We look at what we call “functional ranges” in order to discover patterns of dysfunction, and work with them become they become serious problems.

We believe in nutritional protocols that are backed by current scientific research.  The nutritional products that are prescribed in office are high quality professional products that are not available to laypersons.  These formulations are developed based on current up to date research and on how they affect human physiology.  They are also given at a therapeutic dose to actually increase the function in the body.

Some people ask, “Why can’t I just get my supplements from Costco?”  It’s because those supplements are questionable in regards to quality and manufacturing, they are simply not as effective and have many fillers that actually may be making you worse.  Patients also may not understand what exactly they need because everyone is different, so they need someone to find out their underlying nutritional needs rather than taking everything based on what they hear on TV.  Specific conditions require specific solutions.

We look at different immune panels to understand chronic diseases that may be affecting you.  We understand how the immune system works and how it affects the rest of the body.  When these systems are not working properly, they show up as autoimmune diseases, where your own body attacks itself.  We work with patients with these conditions to help them deal with everyday life and maximize their function.