Neurobehavioral Disorders

Neurodevelopmental disorders are classified as a large group of behavioral and academic impairments that can affect both children and adults. These include ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Asperger’s and other sensory processing disorders. These disorders can have a tremendous effect on the child’s future and the overall wellbeing of the household.
Our approach is to treat the functional and physiological state of the condition. Regardless of the condition, we evaluate the current state of the brain and body to determine exactly what breakdowns there are in the nervous system that has led to the disorder. We understand neurodevelopment and the stages of maturation that a developing child goes through, so we can look at primitive and postural reflexes and identify any breakdown or lack of maturation. Not only do we look at neurodevelopment, we also identify any other contributing factors, such as the digestive system, inflammation, emotional states, or infectious agents.
Our clinic, with our total system approach, can look at these conditions as a big picture and answer the following questions:
1. What is actually happening in the brain with a child suffering from a neurodevelopmental disorder?
2. What other things are contributing to the disorder?
3. Most importantly, what can we do to improve the function and connectivity of the brain in these children?
Our therapies and diagnostics can help your child achieve their fullest potential.


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