The first course of action for anyone having a stroke is to immediately go to the emergency room to minimize the damage that the stroke caused.  Once the patient has been stabilized, they are usually sent home but suffer from the after effects of the stroke.  These symptoms can include mental decline, depression, intense pain, tingling and numbness, memory loss, balance and stability issues, spasticity of muscles, or loss of motor control. 

Our clinic will perform a comprehensive neurological examination to find which areas within the nervous system have been compromised.  We can implement a specific individualized treatment plan to increase the activity of those areas and improve overall function and quality of living.

Our approach includes:

  • Motor Coordination
  • Cognitive Processing
  • Vestibular-ocular Reflexes
  • Vestibular-spinal Reflexes
  • Optokinetic rehabilitation
  • Cerebellar integration
  • Autonomic Stability
  • Proprioceptive Reflexes


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The first course of action for anyone having a stroke
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