How we work

We provide evidenced based results that patients can measure. We are one of the very rare places that actually looks at all aspects of health.

We focus on each and every one of our patients’ overall physiological and neurological function.

We take a unique approach by focusing on the nervous system along with how it interacts with the metabolic and immune system.

We provide evidenced based results that patients can measure. We are one of the very rare places that actually looks at all aspects of health. We also have an in depth process that we go through to determine your condition and see if you’re a candidate for our care. If we have determined that you’re a good candidate for our office, we will work together to develop an action plan to help you obtain your health and wellness goals.

We look at the brain-body connection and the way it affects you and your overall health…

Understanding how your brain controls your body is how we are able to diagnose and work with a comprehensive list of conditions and develop the most effective customized plan for you.

Through science, we know the brain controls the entire body. It does this by sending signals from the brain, down the spine and through the nerves, to every single organ, tissue, and cell in the body. It tells the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, along with millions of other things. If the brain isn’t working properly, the areas of the brain associated with the deficit will be dysfunctional, and can lead with problems with digestion, breathing, metabolism, and countless other conditions. When you have a health condition, we can locate the issue in the body and see how it’s connected to the brain and therefore are able to fix it.

Our comprehensive Neurological and Physical exam allows us to figure out exactly where in the body the problem is and includes:

  • Primitive Reflex Assessment
  • Blind Spot Mapping
  • Coordination Assessment
  • Cognitive Evaluation
  • Sensory/Motor Testing
  • Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
  • Optokinetic Analysis
  • Balance/Vestibular Testing
  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Additional testing if necessary (MRI, CT, NCV/EMG, etc)

This comprehensive exam allows us to find the subtle inconsistencies in your body’s physiological and neurological function, and gives us the tools necessary to customize a care program specific to your problems.

What makes Norcal Brain Center different from others is that we work with patients through neurological rehabilitation.

The majority of other doctors and clinics cannot do the specific neurological rehabilitation that is done at Norcal Brain Center. We perform this neurological rehabilitation for people with conditions such as childhood disorders like ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger’s, Migraines, Vertigo, Seizures, Movement Disorders, Strokes, and more. We improve brain function with the neurological rehabilitation in our office. This is a hands on activity that is done with the doctor. Part of being a patient in our office includes setting up a personalized brain based therapy plan with you. Contact us today to see if you qualify for care.

We work together as a comprehensive team for our patients. We locate the problem in the body and improve the function in the brain to get you the results you want and need.