Jul 12

Why am I suffering with headaches?

A common symptom that people come in for is headaches and migraines.  The story is very similar from each person to person: they’ve been to a ton of doctors, have tried many different medications, but they still get their headaches constantly.  If they’ve been to many doctors and have tried

Jun 05

What’s causing my dizziness?

If you are experiencing dizziness or vertigo, there is hope for you.  Dizziness and vertigo is a result of an imbalance of the Vestibular System, which is a series of canals and tubes in your ear that are responsible for telling you if your head is moving.  This system is

May 23

10 Common Myths about Concussions

The following 10 statements are the most common myths that are believed in our society. 

  1. You must lose consciousness to have a concussion.
  2. Concussions only occur with severe head injuries, minor head injuries are never concussions.
  3. If there is nothing abnormal on the MRI, I don’t have a concussion.